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Optical Communications Technologies | Industry Leading Optical Communication | Corning

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Transforming the way the world connects

Since ushering in the telecommunications revolution with the invention of low-loss optical fiber in 1970, Corning has been continually innovating to increase the speed and capacity of optical networks, while reducing installation costs. Today, we are delivering optical communications solutions for growing segments like fiber to the home, wireless technology, and hyper-scale data centers.

A Seamless Flow of Data

A Seamless Flow of Data

Corning’s optical solutions keep communication flowing for consumers and businesses who want fast, reliable connection to the world anywhere, anytime. Because of our optical communications technologies, people have greater access to video, voice, and information than ever before. But it’s not enough. Consumers want to exchange data in the blink of an eye, and the demand for bandwidth is skyrocketing as network usage doubles every few years. Corning is responding with innovations for fiber to the home, wireless technology, and hyper-scale data centers—all making slow speeds and dropped calls a thing of the past.

To deliver more bandwidth directly to buildings, providers have turned to Corning’s fiber-to-the-home solutions for millions of homes. We’ve introduced technologies such as compact cabinets and micro-cables for crowded environments, which bring you more bandwidth and improve customer costs by speeding up installations.

In wireless, denser 4G and new 5G networks are driving a need for two orders of magnitude more fiber and connectivity compared to legacy networks. That has sparked Corning innovations, such as a multiuse platform that makes speedy deployments easier. We have also converged multiple solutions with the Corning? ONETM wireless platform, making it possible to text, tweet, and call at the same time, even in a football stadium. This powerful solution can handle 100,000 photos uploaded to social media every second.

The data centers of tomorrow also rely on our fiber optic cabling solutions, and we’re developing glass technologies that make all-optical inside switches, routers, and servers a reality.

Industry Leadership in Optical Communications

Solutions for Next-Generation Optical Networks

This Strand of Glass

This Strand of Glass


This year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the invention of low-loss optical fiber — an innovation that has transformed the way we connect and that lies at the cornerstone of our communications revolution.?In a Corning lab on a Friday afternoon five decades ago, a single strand of glass and a bright spot of light set the world on an epic path of continuous innovation.

Optical fiber shapes the networks that connect us to each other, today - and to the boundless possibilities of tomorrow. Whether you're making a phone call across the world, downloading a video on your tablet, or reading this article right now, optical fiber delivers the streamlined connectivity needed in today's high-speed world.

Read more about 50 years of optical fiber innovation at Corning.

Our Strategic Advantage in Optical Communications Technologies

Our Strategic Advantage in Optical Communications

Corning’s optical communications solutions are a prime example of our strategy. ?They leverage our best-in-the-world expertise in three core technologies, as well as four expert manufacturing and engineering platforms. We’re also using fusion, one of our four manufacturing and engineering platforms, to create new interconnects for high-speed switches, routers, and servers.

Learn how Corning leverages its focused portfolio to uniquely address the Optical Communications market.

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